A series of TV commercials for, a fine collectibles platform specialising in gold, wine and art.

Concept-to-creation of a series of adverts to showcase Bath Spa Capital, an established fine collectibles company based in the UK.  A fictional character, Basil, has been developed to help the brand stand out and be memorable to audiences, featuring across social media and television.  Produced and Directed by Deren Stevens.



Our tasks:

  • Storyboard development
  • Mascot development (Basil)
  • Location scouting and management
  • Props and costume
  • Talent scouting and management
  • Production shoot with film crew
  • Edit series of 8 adverts at different lengths/scenes
  • TV-ready for broadcasting, inc Management

The adverts are launching across social media and television networks from January 2021.  We were responsible for managing the TV channel refining, budget allocations and notations with broadcasters, as well as ensuring the ads are “TV-ready” to industry standards.

Monitoring of tangible results will be reported on this page in due course.

  • Website traffic increased by x%
  • Website enquiries up by x%
  • x% increase in qualified leads
  • x% increase in brand recognition

Client's project sign-off review...

“From the outset of discussing our plans for an advert with Deren, he took the time to listen to our brand ambitions.  From there, it was clear he was not just about creating a ‘beautiful ad’ but also with a serious marketing/sales approach to ensure Bath Spa Capital would stand out in the crowd.

Once we received the storyboards and the ideas for the ad, it was a exciting process to see it move from idea-to-development … and finally the series of adverts for us to watch.  Throughout the whole process we were kept in the loop and it felt like a very collaborative process where our ideas were able to be aired.

Really impressed with the final project and we look forward to seeing the marketing efforts yield tangible results once we have the adverts playing on TV and across various social channels.”

  • Luke and George – Directors,